“Your source to affordable healthcare”

Neomedic Limited was established in 1997 with the explicit aim of being the worldwide                                                                                      

leader in the manufacture and supply of integrated medical disposables.

Since that date, Neomedic Limited has become one of the United Kingdom’s

largest ISO 9001:2008,ISO 13485:2003, CE, CMDCAS

  and WHO PQS Certified manufacturers and exporters of medical disposables

.  This has led to the establishment of a worldwide network of distributors,

with the product present in over 60 markets incorporating Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean.

South Asia, North/Central/South America and the

In addition, Neomedic Limited is an accredited supplier to the United Nations agencies and has been supplying

these since 2001. Neomedic Limited has three stated Commitments:

    Provision of Quality Products
    Affordable Pricing
    Highest Levels of Customer Service


 Mediplast                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roll and Strip Plasters

Mediplast is a range of high quality roll and strip plasters designed to meet the vast majority of clinical and first aid treatments.

The product line includes:

    Clear, Fabric, Waterproof, Fun Strips and Assorted Strip plasters
    Clear First Aid Tape roll
    Fabric Plaster roll
    Silk Tape roll
    Zinc Oxide Plaster roll and
    Surgical Paper Tape roll






 Neomedic MedisafeAdhesive Plasters

Medisafe is a set of non woven adhesive plasters and film dressings for dressing sensitive wounds, incisions and other traumatic injuries.

The product range includes:

 Non-Woven Adhesive Wound Dressing & Film Dressing




Premium Disposable Syringes & Needles

Neoject is a range of disposable syringes and needles using the finest quality

materials, the range offers a precise, safe and relatively painless syringe and needle


The product line includes: Premium Disposable Syringes in sizes of 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml and 60ml;

in combinations of luer lock, slip tip, or catheter tip, with or without mounted needles
    Premium Disposable Needles from 16G through 27G
    Auto Disable Syringes
    Retractable Safety Syringe
    Fixed needle Syringes in sizes of 0.5mL and 1mL



Premium Quality Medical Gloves

Neogloves is a high quality range of medical gloves that consist of latex and non-latex,

powder and powder-free & sterile and non-sterile gloves.

The product line includes:

    Latex Examination Gloves
    Latex Powder-free Examination Gloves
    Nitrile Examination Gloves
    Nitrile Powder-free Examination Gloves
    Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves
    Sterile Latex Powder-free Surgical Gloves
    Vinyl Examination Gloves
    Vinyl Powder-free Examination Gloves



 Neomedic NeosafeCotton Wool, Gauze & Bandages

Neosafe is an exciting range of medical dressings consisting of Cotton based Absorbent Gauze

, Absorbent Cotton Wool, WOW Bandages & Swabs and the latest in non-woven cushioned


The product line includes:

    Absorbent Cotton Wool BP rolls
    Absorbent Gauze BP rolls
    Absorbent Gauze Swabs
    Absorbent Gauze Swabs with X-Ray thread
    Cotton WOW Bandage rolls
    Laparotomy Sponge






Plaster of Paris, Undercast Padding.

Neocast consists of Plaster of Paris. The product line includes:

 Plaster of Paris, Undercast Padding                                                                                                                                                                                              








Sport Bandages, & Supports

Neosport is a set of specially designed bandages and braces that provide

stability to weak and injured joints.

The product line includes:

    Elastic Adhesive Bandages
    Crepe Bandages
    Ankle Supports
    Elbow Supports
    Wrist Supports
    Knee Supports



Neomedic NeovacCatheters, Infusion & Transfusion Sets

Neovac is a range of infusion, transfusion and catheterisation devices.

The product line includes:

    Urine Bags
    Guedel Airways
    Feeding Tubes
    2 Way Foley Catheters and 3 Way Foley Catheters
    Nelaton Catheters
    Scalp Veins
    Stomach Tubes
    Suction Catheters with Thumb Control
    Transfusion Sets and Transfusion Sets with Air-vent
    Infusion Sets, Infusion Sets with Air-vent and Infusion Sets with Air-vent and Y Injection Port
    Yankaur Suction Sets                                                                                                                                                                                                         




Neomedic NeotulleNeotulle is Neomedic Limited’s brand name for paraffin impregnated gauze swabs.

A much used primary wound contact layer that allows treatment of an exuding wound

 whilst reducing the adherence of the wound to the material.  








Single use disposable protective apparel created from high quality non-woven materials to suit numerous requirements and levels of protection.

The Neoguard range incorporates

the following singular features:

 A large variety of options covering a number of protective needs
 Made from superior non-woven materials which have been layered and engineered to provide different       levels of protection and where appropriate are resistant to damage, tearing and penetration Outer layers are smooth to touch with middle layers providing the necessary protective and filtration performance

Cost effective single use option thus minimising risk of contamination.



Neomedic NeocareA trusted solution for adult incontinence combining discreet design

with superior absorbency and comfort.

A versatile diaper that is simple to wear

Super absorbent core ensures that moisture is locked for an extended

period of time

Discreet elegant design thus ensuring an uninhibited lifestyle

Soft, smooth, dry and germ free outer layer leave skin healthy and smooth




Neomedic NeosoftNeosoft diapers are super absorbent with a breathable outer layer and

flexible waistband thus ensuring that every baby remains dry and secure at all times

 Advanced formula super absorbent core

 Ensures that moisture is retained for an extended period without risk of leakage.

 Flexible waistband allows for uninhibited movement and activity.
 Breathable outer layer keeps baby’s skin dry and healthy at all times.

 Attractively packaged in a number of easy to gauge sizes and pack options



Occidem Biotech

 Occidem Biotech is a specialised subsidiary of Neomedic Limited dealing

with the manufacture and supply of:

    Blood Collection and Transfusion Products
    Urine Based Tests

Occidem Biotech shares the objective of Neomedic Limited to

provide quality healthcare at affordable prices.