Twelve years ago, when Imad Altilawy Corporation approached to the horizon, we have never thought that we would go so far, nor we get such great achievements today.

We have passed for more than eleven years.

Therefore, what we get today owes to the correct policy of the party, supports and strengthful cooperation from a group of hard workers.

From the practice, I really know our corporation have born so many expectations from the society, which constitute our motivations.

Today, after over eleven years, we should do more self-reflections than enjoy delight.

We have no reason to be conceited, nor to be addicted to the past.

What we are going to do is seek the far-sightedness, creating the next more splendid decades.

Even if one man’s power is huge, he can never equal to a well-trained and united team.

Only the excellent team can create the excellent performance.

Now, we have been in the list of the leader companies in Syria, However, it is only a beginning.

I’m looking forward to the next decade when our career will be well established and vigorously developing.