Brief Of Imad Al-Tilawy Corporation

The market of supplies and medical equipment is expecting to continue growing in the foreseeable future in the Middle East supported by population growth and the growing of investment in medical care services.                                                                                                       
Imad Altilawy Corporation for medical supplies established in 2002, and it is based on extensive knowledge of the needs of patients and hospitals, enabling it to provide all the new and unique equipment and medical devices.                                                                                         
Imad Altilawy Corporation is an exclusive agent for many international companies in Syria and Lebanon, and it is growing and expansion progresses regularly in various medical fields in accordance with the need of our country and in parallel with the capacity of customers and the different rates of customers income.                                                                                                
The basic principles of Imad Altilawy Corporation                                                                         
1-    Products with the highest quality.
2-    Affordable prices.
3-    Highest levels of customers services.